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Winter dance immersion in Greece
Thessaloniki, Naoussa, Pozar thermal baths
February 15th to 22nd, 2018

With Nikos Zekis & Simona Jovic

During the dance trip to Greece that we've organised in October 2017, we stopped for a night in Naoussa (Northern Macedonia) where we had the chance to meet a group of local dancers with whom we took a dance class and shared an evening with live music in a traditional tavern (pictures here below). They invited us to join them again in February for the traditional ancient customs, folk music and dance carnival. So we decided to meet them there again, as they will be the best possible guides in this adventure. 

In addition to the carnival festivities, the trip will include the dance seminar with Nikos Zekis and other local dancers (mainly Greek dances from Macedonia and Thrace), several evenings in local tavernas with live music and dance, cultural visits, dance encounters, as well as a day trip to Pozar thermal waters (bathing in a 37°C river, basins and waterfalls in the middle of the nature).

So much more than an ordinary dance trip, this dance tour is a beautiful occasion to experience traditional dances in their original context and join the circle in which we share joy and sorrow with the others in the same field of presence in music and dance.



Travel :

* 3  days in Thessaloniki

* 4 days Naoussa 

* 1 day in Loutra Pozar

Learn Greek dances :

* Dances of Macedonia and Thrace with Nikos Zekis

* Dances of Naoussa with local dancers from that town

* In festivities, taverns, local houses with local people

Party in traditional taverns with musicians :

(Almost every evening) 

* In Thessaloniki in a tavern with musicians playing the authentic Rebetiko 

* In Naoussa in taverns with musicians from Macedonia, Thrace and Naoussa 

Celebrate the carnival of Naoussa :

* We will be lucky to be accompanied by the local dancers who will guide us through the Naoussa celebration. We will follow the boulouki around the old city (dressing the genitsaros, joining the group procedure, going to the mayor house, music and dancing...). Going to houses with genitsarous and mpoules, dancing and eating with local population... In the evening, we will join the celebration in the local taverns.

Swim : 

* Bathing outside in a hot 37°C river in a fascinating natural scenery 

Drink good wine (and ouzo!) :

* Of course we will, you may say ! But we choose places in which food , wine and ouzo are the most delicious and the most typical. Naoussa's wine if famous for its good quality ! Also, we will almost always be accompanied by the local people who are well known for their hospitality !

As always during these trips, many beautiful surprises occur, that's what makes the beauty of these dance tours. In order to avoid you to come with a fixe idea of what's gonna happen, where and when and then have to adapt to changes, we will announce the detailed program daily in the spot. It is important to join this tour with a mind open to improvisation ! 

Also, please note that some of the festivities in tavernas will last until very late in the night.


770  for the confirmed bookings before December 31st, 2018

795 € for the bookings received from January 1st, 2018

The prices include :

Airport transfers from and to Thessaloniki airport

Transport during the trip to Naoussa and Pozar

Shared accommodation with breakfast

Dance seminar - dances from Macedonia, and Thrace with Nikos Zekis and local dancers

A day in Pozar thermal baths

Several evenings in traditional taverns with live music

Naoussa carnival explained by the local artists and Nikos Zekis

The prices do not include : 
Airfare to Thessaloniki, meals other than mentioned above, tips for the musicians, while visiting places paid entrance (if any)




In the hotel in Thessaloniki, mainly double rooms will be booked, unless there is an odd number of participants in which case one triple room may be necessary. 

In Naoussa, as it is a very small town with only a few hotels in the city, it is very difficult to find available rooms during the carnival. It is thanks to Nikos Zekis that the hotel Asteras has agreed to keep a few for us, but we will have to be accommodated in small groups. The rooms are large, beautiful and comfortable! Thank you for your understanding !


Naoussa traditional carnival

Each year in the winter, a beautiful carnival linked to ancient customs and traditions takes places in Naoussa, Northern Greece. For several days, the streets of this little town invite you to enjoy the old typical revelry, folk dancing, traditional music (zourna and daouli), as well as good local food and wine. In the evening, taverns with live musicians are full of people.

Pozar thermal baths

The Pozar Baths is a natural sight, located in a green environment with plane trees and waterfalls. It's a natural spa with the hot springs gush. The open pool and the “ponds”, which are naturally shaped in the bank of the hot river, offer the chance of bathing in a 37°C water in fascinating natural scenery. 


Professional dancers and teachers since many years, both Nikos Zekis (Greece) and Simona Jovic (Serbia), grew up in the Balkan area, thus they both have a certain way of experiencing music and dance. It is rooted in traditions of course, but mainly in simplicity and in authentic connection to the others in dance. The others with whom we share in dance our joys and sorrows in order to open ourselves fully to Life. These moments in which many wounds can be healed are always accompanied by the musicians whose job is to find a way to deeply touch people's hearts and make this possible. 

It is not something one can experience in a dance workshop outside of these countries. So they decided to organise these trips and offer to people from other countries the possibility to live this powerful experience. 

To make this possible for each participants, the trips are always limited to a very small number of people !


Selfie by Nathalie Cauquil during the October Epirus dance trip

In October 2017, Simona Jovic and Nikos Zekis organised a similar dance tour to the Epirus region of Greece. Here are a few participants' testimonials. 

"An unforgettable trip ! Amazing encounters, lots of joy, lots of dance, wonderful memories with great friends and great teachers !" Meriem Hakmi

"A unique experience under the sing of seriousness and pleasure. Lots of new dances, beautiful encounters and shared emotions." Anne Jouve